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Gorgeously 'Dotty' in Vintage Scuba ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Gorgeously 'Dotty' in Vintage Scuba !  Pt 1

Vintage scuba scenarios have always been popular with so many of our members over the years and we sure love shooting them for y'all. In fact, to quote Carly Simon, we're often told "Nobody Does It Better " ? Tonight, we go back more to a period of say around the late 60's/early 70's, where polka dots and halter neck one piece swimsuits were 'en vogue' and girls were (sadly for some) starting to disregard their head hugging, rubber Bathing Caps. Once more giving us such a delightful headache of having so many wonderful underwater pictures to choose from, it's our so naturally beautiful Mermaid Porchia, going "dotty" for vintage scuba !

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Free and Easy ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Free and Easy !  Pt. 1

All Mermaid Kiki Fans please note that this set comes with an Aquawomen Health Warning !
Those with a weak heart had best ignore this gallery, others please make sure you are seated comfortably ! With the most warm and infectious Smile possible, it can only be our Devine Mermaid Kiki, swimming under the water so freely and completely "at home" whilst wearing simply one of her own bikini bottoms and a super little pair of Cressi's latest fins.
( Hope this warm's y'all up a little in West Virginny ! ;-)

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Snorkeling Thru The Years !Image Gallery

Snorkeling Thru The Years !

My Oh My, how technology moves forward over the years, huh ? Even for things like Snorkelling ! For a while this wonderful new design snorkel mask, by Tribord, was almost impossible to buy, without being ripped off by greedy 'speculators' on Ebay. Fortunately, our contacts enabled us to have early models, in all colours, of these fantastic items some time ago - and I have to confess to LOVING this mask for when I myself get the opportunity to go snorkelling ! We open this set with our gorgeous Mermaid Helena modelling a super, cute, typical, original snorkel mask from the 1950's, but swiftly moving on to the very latest design, this time in a very lovely shade of pink ! A great set for those of you who love to see our Aquawomen wearing any kind full face mark !

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An Epitome of Scubaliciousness !Image Gallery

An Epitome of Scubaliciousness !

When viewing all of these pictures, prior to post producing and making into a Gallery for y'all, one of the guys in the studio came up with this wonderful title for the set. And so, I went to the dictionary to check that big word and, sure enough, I then felt that it sure did suit this set of pictures real fine ! It's our Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise, of course, wearing her cute little black,vintage Jantzen one-piece, along with an oval dive mask and a very vintage French Aquiion single hose reg., begging the question - just she ever really need a scuba set underwater, at all ?

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It's Our Birthday Again !!!!Image Gallery

It's Our Birthday Again !!!!

We can't really believe it - but it's our EIGHTH Birthday !!!!!!!!!
Thank y'all so very much for all of your fantastic support over the years, especially those few who have been with us right from the very beginning !!! I wonder, do any of you remember when some jerk over on Aquafans posted that I was probably just some girl who had found a CD with a few underwater images on ?? ;-) Some CD - Huh ?
Once again we take pleasure and much pride in bringing you a selection of images to remind y'all of almost all of our Magnificent Mermaids from the past eight years, only this time we are featuring one scuba and one non scuba picture of each of them Each picture has been reworked and resized, where necessary, for your pleasure. Gosh are there some wonderful memories there for us .....and we really hope it's the same for you, our much valued Members, also.
AND we felt that we just had to start and finish this compilation with underwater images of the most Amazing Aquawoman who has also been with us right from that very first underwater shoot we held, back in September 2007. Every year she just seems to get better and better all the time - it can only be, of course - Mermaid Elise !

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Scubie Doo - Its More Fun With Two ! Video

Scubie Doo - Its More Fun With Two !

In the recent Stills Gallery they were fighting but here, in good ol' moving pictures for y'all, they're just getting kinda real cosy ! It's our Stunningly Scubaliscious Mermaids Elise and Porchia, showing just how good those young scuba gals looked, way back in the 1970's.
Vintage one piece swimsuits, vintage single hose regs and oval masks combined with two amazing bodies and lots of gorgeous, long, flowing, multi-coloured hair ! Please enjoy.
557 MB - Mov_1080p HD

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Bathing (Capped) Belle ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Bathing (Capped) Belle ! Pt. 1

Now, as many of you know, here at Aquawomen.com we love to experiment with mixtures of 'new and old' when putting together underwater outfits for y'all. And tonight is a little combination that, funnily enough, seems to work really, really well ? See what y'all think ? It's our Prolific Mermaid Porchia, wearing a very raunchy, extremely high cut, metallic blue, one piece swimsuit ..... along with a 1950's US Howland, vintage white bathing cap, complete with a snug little chin strap ! As so often the case with this gorgeous, so professional, young Aquawoman, we ended with so many super pictures to choose from that, even after banishing many of them to the cutting room floor, we still had enough left over for TWO super, great big, Image Galleries !

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Fully Clothed and Scuba Diving ! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Fully Clothed and Scuba Diving !   Pt 1.

Here's a theme that's a little different, but one that we know is a favorite of many here, namely a beautiful girl - scuba diving whilst fully clothed INCLUDING, of course, wearing panty-hose !! We last brought you this idea, in moving pictures, back in June last year and it seemed to do well in the voting figures then so, we take great pleasure in bringing you Pt 1 of a set of still picture Galleries showcasing our gorgeous little Miss Dynamite - Mermaid Kiki, dressed ( and occasionally undressed ) in her office clothes whilst taking a little time scuba diving in the friendly, deep, warm Aquawomen pool !

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A Sensational Kirby Morgan Diver ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

A Sensational Kirby Morgan Diver !  Pt. 1

I have to confess it always gives me a little smile when I can so easily 'dip into' the amazing Aquawomen 'Wardrobe department' and help myself to some of the most amazing dive gear imaginable. Equipment that, when coupled together with such beautiful girls, can only ever really be found here at Aquawomen.com. And, tonight is just one illustration of those such occasions ! :-) You want serious female DIVERS ?? We bring y'all SERIOUS FEMALE DIVERS !! Always UNDERWATER - and always in fantastic quality and so, hold onto your hoses subby and friends as we kick off the New Year with our delectable Mermaid Helena, feeling so 'at home' on the bottom whilst trying out a vintage Kirby Morgan Mk10 commercial divers' band mask ! And as if that wasn't enough .......... she's also wearing a Cressi Fire, neoprene rubber, leg suit !!!!!!!
Now, picture yourself underwater and just gazing into those eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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Happy New Year - 2015 !!! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Happy New Year - 2015 !!!  Pt 1.

Happy New Year Everyone !
Having two of the Best Underwater Models on the web with us, for a shoot, just prior to Christmas gave us the wonderful opportunity to party with them underwater ...... and then show you the pictures !! ( yep - we sure are the lucky ones ! ;-) We also gave them a free choice of what they would like to wear for the party and we feel sure the results won't disappoint you - with Mermaid Elise choosing a super little party outfit of her own whilst Mermaid Porchia went for a Japanese 'high cut' and 'high necked' little black number ! The extra bubbles could only be courtesy of Monsieur Dom Pérignon, of course !
Have a wonderful time of your own tonight guys and gals - thank y'all for your wonderful support during 2015. We wish you everything good for 2016 and PLEASE everyone, Be Nice To Each Other !

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