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Our Birthday One More Time !Image Gallery

Our Birthday One More Time !

I still find it almost impossible to believe that, at one minute past midnight on the 18th January 2007, Aquawomen.com was launched and first appeared on the web !
It was such a night, we all sat up until 4 am watching the reaction and seeing so many new members joining for the first time, some of whom have stuck with us all the way through until today. It was such a time and who could have believed then that I would be posting this message now, eleven years on ? Certainly our valued and trusted payment providers didn't . We were so unusual, indeed unique to them, at that time, they thought we would be lucky to last 6 months ! ;-)
And so, speaking of "firsts" although our incredible and oh so talented Mermaid Elise was featured in the first Gallery to be launched here, it was actually our gorgeous Mermaid Shelley who took part in our first ever Aquawoman underwater photoshoot. Sadly, the last we heard was that this beautiful and kind young girl suffered some major ill health problems and despite trying hard to find her, we have not been able to for several years now.
Therefore, we thought it would be a fitting tribute to go back and rework a selection of her original Aquawoman images and post produce them again with the assistance of today's more modern technology, then resize them to what y'all are currently used to. And so, guys and gals, it is with pride and pleasure that, to help celebrate our 11th Birthday, we bring you Mermaid Shelley, once again, photographed in 2006 and still WOWing us all once more today, in 2018 !

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"And Now for Something Completely Different"Image Gallery

Here's one that could well be called appealing to an "acquired taste" but then, that's something that we folks here at Aquawomen.com have always tried to offer. We're all different huh ? And if there's one thing I learned many years ago it was how wide and varied everyones' taste in underwater fantasy imagery can be. This set features Mermaid Natalia wearing a very unique Speedo swimcap and goggles combination that didn't exactly set the world of competitive swimming alight, back in the early 2000 s. It was actually called the 'Speedmask' and developed for Speedo for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, but was not that popular with most of the swimmers at the time. I wonder why ? Certainly, we have members who like it as we're pleased to post this set of pictures now in response to a repeated request. Personally, I love the Aquasphere sleeveless wetsuit the best !

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Never Too Much 'Sea Hunt' ?Image Gallery

Never Too Much 'Sea Hunt' ?

Happy New Year Everyone !
As promised, back in last August, we proudly now bring you another stunning gallery of underwater images featuring our very own, quite simply Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise paying tribute, once again, to the incredible Miss Zale Parry, in her 'Sea Hunt' days. A smooth black neoprene, vintage 'beavertail' wetsuit jacket, an original US Howland chin strapped bathing cap, twin hose regulator and oval mask make up the outfit that so many of y'all love. And once more, we are so pleased to bring you some super examples of the kind of images you could only ever have dreamed of seeing, way back then.

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Merry Christmas - 2017 !Image Gallery

Merry Christmas - 2017 !

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone !
As we approached our 10th Christmas and almost the completion of our ELEVENTH year, we reflected back on all of the wonderful Mermaids it has been our privilege to work with over all of those years - one of whom is still with us from our very first shoot right up until now !
Not only have we greatly enjoyed working with them all professionally, but we have also had the benefit of making life long friendships with many of them too.
We have so enjoyed visually bringing y'all such a team of fantastic, highly talented, professional underwater models who also happen to be especially nice people too !
Thank y'all so very much for your fantastic support over so many years.
We wish y'all Health, Peace and Love for this Festive time and the New Year.
Please now enjoy a look back over Christmas's past, along with us. T x

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A Special Treat ! Image Gallery

A Special Treat !

Knowing that we usually have all sorts of images that don't quite make our grade, but perhaps lots of folks might still like to see them, one of our longest and most valued members recently asked us if we had any such pictures of our wonderful former Page 3 Girl, Mermaid Helena - PLEASE would we post them ? And so, especially for you Craig and all of our many other fans of this stunning blonde Aquawoman and with her underwater and wearing that iconic black shiny, one-piece Realise swimsuit, here is a beautiful set of pictures that might otherwise have perhaps just stayed "in the drawer" - Please Enjoy !

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A Whiter Shade of Scuba ! Image Gallery

A Whiter Shade of Scuba !

It seems that it's not only the sexy little black one-piece swimsuits that 'tickle the fancy' of many of our members, but vintage white swimsuits seem to be very popular too and no one shows either of them off better than a gorgeous young Aquawoman ! Tonight it falls to our simply stunning Mermaid Porchia to delight you all, whilst also donning vintage scuba gear to pose underwater just for you. A very pretty set of underwater pictures for the true purveyors of Scubalisciousness !

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1970's Cressi FFM Scuba Babe ! - Pt 2 Image Gallery

1970's Cressi FFM Scuba Babe ! - Pt 2

Hey, look what we found ! About to be lost forever, we fortunately discovered another set of our Devine Mermaid Kiki pictures that y'all had never seen before ! We were certain that there are many amongst you who would love to see them and so, it's my pleasure to offer them to you today ! Wearing what appears to be a very popular Cressi full face mask, a one piece swimsuit and vintage white bathing cap, this highly athletic young Aquawoman poses underwater for y'all in a way so totally unique just to her !

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'Royal' Fun in the Pool ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

'Royal'  Fun in the Pool !  Pt. 1

Here's another one for all of our many vintage Bathing Cap fans and this one is taken how a lot of y'all like to see, now and then, from above the surface. It's our stunningly beautiful Mermaid Elise, once more, wearing that fantastic white Esther Williams one piece swimsuit, along with a genuine 1950's US Royal bathing cap. and, once more, she shows how perfectly possible it is for a true Aquawoman to still look 'drop dead gorgeous' when wearing an item of vintage swimwear that so many young girls really did not like, all those years ago. Can't think why ? I never had a problem - and neither do any of our girls, as can be seen so many times right here. ;-)

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The Scubaliscious Girl & the Water ! Pt 1Image Gallery

The Scubaliscious Girl & the Water !  Pt 1

"The old ones are still the best !" Although no-one could ever say that any of our gorgeous Aquawomen are old, nor are any of the images we repeatedly bring you. I'm simply referring to how many times that 'fashionable' ladies swimwear companies always seem to go back to smooth, sexy, black neoprene, in their latest designs, when they want to make an impact ! And charge a lot of money too ! ;-) One such company is' The Girl & the Water' and who better to model one of their super 'Billabong' wetsuit jackets than our enchanting Mermaid Porchia !
Once again, the combination of super underwater model and reasonably talented u/w photographer ;-) have provided us with an abundance of beautiful new and unique underwater pictures to bring all of our scuba enthusiastic members, plus those of Mermaid Porchia too, of course !
more to follow if y'all might like to see them?

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More Sea Hunt - In Colour ! Pt. 2Image Gallery

More Sea Hunt - In Colour ! Pt. 2

This one stirred up some fond memories, along with some wonderful 'banter', when we posted Part One, back in August. And we still have lots more from the same shoot, if y'all might like to see them ? Back to those nostalgic old 'Sea Hunt' days for the theme of this set once again as we know there are those amongst you who can't seem to get enough of this. I wonder, is it just me or does anyone else feel that Image 31 looks just a teensy bit like the beautiful Angelina Jolie, wearing a bathing cap ? ;-)

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