Meet the Mermaids

Hi Everyone! We thought it would be nice if y'all could 'meet' and learn a little more about our beautiful Mermaids, who all figure so prominently within the Aquawomen Team...

Ellis Ellis

20 yrs, 5'5" / 165 cm, long dark red hair, brown eyes.
Professional Model, Classically Trained Dancer, Scuba Diver, Underwater Model .

Ellis was always so keen to follow her older sister Porchia into the professional modelling world and realised this dream quite quickly after being spotted at a college fashion show, where she was snapped up by a top London agency and has already modelled for the famous International hairdressers - Tony and Guy. Now, she has realised another dream by following in Porchia's fins to become a real live Mermaid with ! Outside of work, Eliis loves to read and is a massive Harry Potter fan, she also loves music, movies and travelling, especially Caribbean vacations with her older sister ! Sadly though she is not at her best in the kitchen - "she has yet to learn how to even boil an egg" - adds Porchia ! Not to worry, with the two of them in the water together, there are a few members we know whose brains are more than likely to be scrambled !

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Kiki Kiki

26 years, 5' 3" / 163 cm, long dark brown hair, brown eyes
Professional Model, Dancer, TV Presenter, Underwater Model.

Classically trained, Kiki has been professionally dancing all of her life, travelling worldwide and also appearing in many London West End shows. She also openly admits to being a crazy character who loves performing at various festivals whilst Fire Breathing, Stilt Walking and - wait for it- creating fantastic sparks off of her custom made 'metal underwear' with and Angle Grinder ! For the past five years she has been teaching Pole dancing and Burlesque through out the UK, " any excuse to take my clothes of and swing around some thing hard, huh !" Kiki gets such a buzz from the dangers that surround her, " I thrive on taking risks, which is probably why I was so keen to shoot for Aquawomen." She has always been a water baby and since a young age has often tried to reach five minutes underwater ! Kiki has been modelling now for two years...focusing on art nude, glamour and fetish and has currently appeared in Nuts, FHM, Daily Sport and Zoo. "Aquawomen was definitely a challenge which is exactly what I love as I am always looking to push my skills as both a model and individually" she said. And you'll be delighted to hear that after her first Aquawomen shoot she was already asking about when she can come back !

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Porchia Porchia

25 years, 5' 7" / 170 cm, long blonde hair, blue eyes.
Professional Model, Playboy and Page 3 Model, TV Presenter, Competitive Swimmer, Scuba Diver.

Porchia is very well established within the modelling world. After signing to her first agency at the tender age of 16, her career has gone from strength to strength. She began shooting for Page 3 in the UK and went on to become one of the longest running Page 3 girls making her the national paper's official "IT girl". She also became a firm favourite in the magazine houses posing for PlayBoy, Nuts, Zoo, Front, Loaded, The People, The Picture and many more - still somehow finding time to take part in film and TV work too. Porchia loves to travel and indeed her modelling career has already taken her around the world. Shooting for Aquawomen was an 'underwater first' for Porchia, who couldn't wait to give it a go ! A former competitive swimmer and experienced scuba diver from a young age, Porchia is a real natural under the water! A true water baby ! You might even say, of course she just has to be - a Mermaid !

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Holly Holly

26 years, 5' 3" / 160 cm, long blonde hair, blue eyes.
Professional Model, Playboy and Page 3 Model, Presenter, Snorkeler, Swimmer and Fitness Instructor.

Holly has been modelling for over 5 years and has featured in many lads mags, including Nuts & Zoo, she's also shot for Playboy several times and she's a popular Page 3 girl. Growing up in Hong Kong and Taiwan, she learned to swim when very young and tells us that she was always addicted to staying in the family pool all the time. She has also tried both snorkeling and scuba and is very keen to develop those skills further as an Aquawoman. " Being lucky enough to live right by the sea, my friends and I spend a lot of time on the beach swimming in the sea. I also instruct fitness classes part time so the leisure centre gives me free passes to use the swimming pool." Sorry, we can't tell you which one ! ;-)

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Helena Helena

28 years, 5'6" / 167 cm, long blonde hair, green eyes.
Professional Model, Page 3 Girl, Actress, Dancer, Swimmer, Underwater Model.

Helena is a well established UK model, she has been shooting for 10 years and during that time has had a great deal of top level experience. For seven of those years she was featured regularly as a Page 3 Girl and has appeared in many magazines including Playboy and Perfect 10. She attends the Gym daily, loves Boxing ! loves Animals (she has two dogs) and Italian food. Helena says "shooting for Aquawomen is completely different to anything I have ever done before and I love it ! I really hope I get asked to come and shoot again, it feels so good being photographed underwater there is something very sexy about it. I cant wait to see the results"
Don't worry Guys, we have already asked her to come again ........ and again............. and again ............. and again !

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Olivia Olivia

21 years, 5'4" / 162 cm, very long dark brown hair, brown eyes.
Professional Dancer, Model, Actress, Competitive Swimmer, Scuba Diver, Snorkeler, Underwater Model

A beautiful, bubbly and 'fun to be with' girl, Olivia has trained all of her life in many forms of classical and modern dance and has proudly gained a degree in Dance / Musical theater. She is also a very talented artist and loves to create art in all forms, such as painting, dance and music. Olivia is a very strong swimmer and also loves to snorkel and scuba dive, especially around coral reefs in clear warm water. When not under the water she loves to be on top of it, enjoying windsurfing and sailing too. Joining Aquawomen was especially fun for her as she feels it gives her the opportunity to combine her passion for swimming with her love of dance, always looking to create something unique.

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Julie Julie

29 years, 5' 7" / 168 cm, blonde / brunette hair, grey eyes.
Professional Model, Competitive Swimmer, Dancer, Underwater Model.

Julie is a full time model and actress based in London but originally from New Zealand. She has modeled for international brands such as L'Oreal, Puma and Aveda and is a fantastic professionally trained swimmer and water babe with backstroke being her master stroke. Julie loves being in front of the camera and has a versatile adaptable look having modeled everything from Glamor, Art nude to Bodypaint and Fashion.  Her other interests include windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, burlesque dancing and ice skating. She has also has appeared in music video's, feature films and TV commercials. And - guess what ? Her favorite movie of all time is ........... 'Splash'!  Well it would be, of course, wouldn't it ?

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Shay Shay

28 years, 5'7" / 170 cm, long blonde hair, blue eyes.
Professional Model, Dominatrix, Swimmer and Underwater Model.

Shay loves being a full time professional model and greatly enjoys the diversity and variety of work it has given her the opportunity to experience. "I love to do fetish work the most. I'm a rock chick into grungey music and piercings, so the glamour side of modeling is like playing dress up. I'm usually in combats and trainers ! But I love being all dressed up, made-up and made to feel super sexy." This beautiful blonde Mermaid tells us that she couldn't wait to work for Aquawomen after first seeing the site and loved every minute of her first shoot ! (We're pretty sure that she won't be the only one either, we know the crew certainly did !) Shay has always been a very strong swimmer ever since she was little - " I would love to be a real mermaid, with the ability to breath underwater. I don't think I'd ever go back to dry land." Now there's something for y'all to contemplate ! She loves reading, traveling, walking amongst the many beauty spots in her home country of Wales, surfing the net, spending time with her friends and family and going out to gigs and festivals.

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NikkiLee NikkiLee

27 years, 5' 7" / 170 cm, long natural blonde hair, blue eyes.
Professional Model, TV Presenter, Singer, Dancer, Actress and Underwater Model.

A strong swimmer who loves to be in and under the water Nikki told us that she has wanted to be an Aquawoman for a long time and really hoped we could teach her to Scuba Dive - as if we could ever refuse ! "What you see is what you get" with Nikki and what you get is - a fantastic personality, a strong determination to succeed and a complete professional, who is real fun to work with. A very busy girl, Nikki has appeared internationally in various magazines, she is 'the face' of a new swimwear company, she is a fast car show Queen and is just about to start filming a documentary on a new song, shortly to be released.

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Sophia Sophia

26 years, 5' 7" / 170 cm, long dark auburn hair, hazel eyes
Professional Model, Dancer, Musician and Underwater Model.

Sophia has been modeling and dancing since she can remember and has always had such a love of being in and under the water too and so, when she got the opportunity to combine all three with Aquawomen, she just couldn't wait to dive on in ! Originally heralding from a quiet, beautiful part of northern England, this sultry beauty works internationally with an amazing portfolio "I aim to please in everything I do and I don't like to be defeated! As I'm getting older my character seems to be mellowing, although I do still possess all of my sultry and 'no-nonsense' attributes, should I ever need to use them ! " We're certainly very proud to have her join our Mermaid Shoal and before you read the next bit, I think perhaps some of you really should sit down ! "When I next come back to Aquawomen, I would love to try some water bondage, I have done this recently and loved the adrenaline of pushing my capabilities to another level !!! Naturally, we will be more than pleased to try and make this happen for her and of course - you !

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Vasilisa Vasilisa

24 years, 5 '9" / 176 cm., long red hair, hazel eyes.
Professional Model, Scuba Diver, Artist, Student and Writer

Fluent in Russian and French and yet further proof that outstanding beauty is often coupled with high intellect, Vasilisa currently studies at one of the most venerable of Universities in England, whilst also managing to combine this with her love of modeling, - " I adore modeling AND corsets so naturally, I wanted to put the two together ! " An accomplished swimmer and scuba diver ( having already dived eight different shipwrecks) Vasilisa originally learned to swim because she wanted to swim with dolphins, something she actually managed to do just a few months after she started her lessons ! In addition to modeling she loves to dance and recently took up poledancing ( mainly because she still loves any excuse to climb things ) and along with all of this, she is also a very talented artist.

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Jenny Jenny

24 years, 5' 6" / 168 cm., long dark brown hair, green eyes.
Professional Model, Competitive Swimmer, Dancer, Underwater Model.

All of our Aquawomen need to be good swimmers or divers but Jenny is an extremely good swimmer, competing at high level only a few years ago and now making a comeback in Masters competitions, where the training is a little less demanding. No prizes for guessing her main stroke ....yes indeed, she's a breaststroker ! She also trained in synchro, during her swimming past ! A bright and bubbly girl, Jenny loves to meet new people and always strives to have fun on a shoot, whilst letting her personality come across. She loves to perform, especially dancing, having been trained in various styles of dance from ballet, to hip hop to podium. Her first ever introduction to scuba took place during her first underwater shoot with us, where she handled sophisticated equipment with ease. Very much a natural Aquawoman, we see Jenny as another great addition to the team.

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Jia Jia

28 years, 5'7" / 168 cm. long dark brown hair, brown eyes.
Professional Model, Fitness Instructor and now Underwater Model.

Proudly born and raised in a totally land locked part of Far East, this Mermaid has always loved to swim and is now happily settled in London, where she has lived for the past eight years. She loves fitness and sport, attending her Gym at least five times a week ! And has been involved in modeling in the Fitness Industry for the past five years. She loves meeting people and trying new things every day and particularly enjoys traveling, music, fashion and going to the movies - along with "celebrating" all types of art in photography. " I love unique pictures and love taking risks as a model - I am a very versatile person, and am up for nearly any kind of shoot!" Well, we're certainly thrilled to have her here and we're sure she is gonna be one very popular Mermaid !

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Lizzy Lizzy

28 years, 5'2"/158cm., long blonde hair, green eyes.
Professional Dancer, Model and Underwater Model.

Lizzy is a bubbly, fun girl who loves to dance and is always dancing and moving around. So, on her first shoot with us, she really loved dancing in the water too and feeling very sexy in her rubber catsuit. She loves to travel, is a really keen surfer and also loves snowboarding. A true Aquawoman at heart, Lizzy has surfed Barbados, Bali, Ireland, The Canary Islands and Cornwall UK . She would like to do a 70s disco theme underwater, to show off some of her moves to the Aquawomen members and cannot wait to jump back into the water on her next shoot and wear some more rubber outfits ! " I just love to blow bubbles underwater, it's one of my favourite pastimes " she said, after finally surfacing during her recent first shoot with us ! Certainly, we feel sure, this beautiful Mermaid will be another firm favourite with many.

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Fifi Fifi

28 yrs, 5'7"/168 cm, long black hair, brown eyes.
Professional Model, Professional Make Up Artiste / Stylist, Underwater Model.

A "Firey Foreigner" (her words) who loves being in and under the water, Fifi has told us that she really wants to do a kinky Rock Chick underwater shoot "because I LOVE rock music !" Of course, we will be only too happy to try and oblige ! Totally 'at home' underwater, this stunning Mediterranean Mermaid is sure to make a lot of hearts race as our latest Aquawoman, especially with her long breath holds and natural aquatic abilities. Fifi loves her work, particularly as she gets to travel a lot. She is great fun to be with, very bubbly and loves trying new things, especially anything crazy ! She is good on both sides of the camera, loves live rock concerts and especially LOVES her holidays !

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Ruby Ruby

26 yrs, 5' 4"/163 cm, long blonde hair, blue eyes.
Professional Model, Dancer, Pole Dancer, Fire Breather, Padi Open Water Diver, Underwater Model.

"I would love to model some latex underwater" was the opening line of Ruby's inquiry to join the Aquawomen team - and of course we were only too pleased to make that wish come true for her ! Although Fire Breathing and being underwater don't really go together there is no doubt that this Mermaid is really Hot ! She loves traveling, having just spent the last year backpacking around the world, she loves latex and pin up fashions and is also very competent on either side of the camera. Ruby loves piercings and has many, although the only ones she has listed for this portfolio are the four in her tongue ! Totally natural and at home under the water, we're very proud to welcome Mermaid Ruby to our shoal !

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Fiona Fiona

25 yrs, 5'9"/176 cm, long blonde hair, blue eyes,
Professional Model, TV Presenter, Underwater Model

A professional model for 2 years now, Fiona absolutely adores what she does ! She loves to travel and considers herself very lucky that, as a model, she gets to do so internationally with her job. She also loves her home which is right on the beach in southern England and enjoys keeping fit by lots of swimming (naturally), walking her dog and taking her horse out on long country rides together. Now, with her scuba training firmly underway at Aquawomen, she is set to become yet another stunning, regular addition to the AQ Mermaid shoal !

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Amber Amber

27 yrs, 5'10"/178 cm, long blonde/black hair, grey eyes
Professional Model, Part Time Student, Underwater Model.

After suffering the recent trauma of a badly broken leg, Amber is once more bravely following her passions for glamour, fetish and commercial modelling, simply because she adores what she does especially when having the chance to strut her stuff whether it be latex or lingerie. A 'Waterbaby' all her life, Amber simply loves spending time in beautiful waters and always feels closer to nature when down in the deep blue. Music is also another big passion of hers - and playing at gigs and concerts always gives her a special thrill ! Amber enjoys the theatre and cinema, but is also something of an aspiring thespian, taking part in various performances whenever she can. When not at home in London, Amber enjoys traveling, both in the UK and to exotic locations oversees.

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Jessica Jessica

31 yrs, 5'4" / 163 cm, Long Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes.
PADI Open Water Diver, Professional Model, Dominatrix, Actress, Presenter and Underwater Model.

Based in the UK, near London, Jessica has been modeling professionally for almost 9 years now. A keen swimmer since she was about 4 years old, she still swims regularly every week and has always had a passion for being in and under the water, which in turn naturally led her to gaining her PADI open water diver qualifications! And how cool a place to learn those skills...none other than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! "I simply loved it and kept being naughty and going up to the giant clams to make them shut when passing my hand near them !" Thank goodness her foot was always firmly outside ! Jessica enjoys traveling most of all, next comes her love of animals - especially her cat, then keeping fit, eating out, clubbing (if she ever gets a chance!) and going to the cinema.

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Becky Becky

28 yrs, 5' 4" / 163 cm, Long Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes.
Professional Model, Actress, Dancer and Underwater Model.

Based in the UK and working Internationally, Becky is the latest Mermaid to join the elite Aquawomen team ! She has been working professionally for 5 years and absolutely loves what she does, " I'm always up for challenging and exciting new projects so, when given the opportunity to try underwater modelling and become a 'mermaid', I jumped at the chance!!! I love swimming and grew up in the water when I lived in South Africa, where I had my own pool for several years. I miss it a lot........ but I'm certainly making up for it now! " Becky enjoys keeping fit, especially with lots of swimming, of course ! She loves to party and have fun with friends, loves dancing, meeting people, traveling, animals ( she has 2 dogs and a tortoise ) and trying different food..... oh and relaxing with a glass of wine occasionally. too !

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Violet Violet

29 yrs, 5' 8" / 173 cm, Long Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes.
Fetish Model, Musician, Burlesque Performer and Underwater Model.

Yet another talented musician, Violet plays guitar and sings and actually fronts her own punk/grunge band. She LOVES the 40's/50's look and absolutely adores vargas and pin ups, the other extreme being her love of fetish. quote - "There is nothing better than parading around in 7" heels and rubber" ! She is also a skilled Pole Dancer, but with a difference ? She loves to perform in a 40's theme, with a lot of 'tease' included ! Her biggest secret is having the 'Little Mermaid' in her DVD collection and secretly wanting to be 'Ariel' for as long as she can remember ! We were just glad to give her the opportunity, with her fantastic looks and natural underwater ability we're sure many of you will agree that she herself is already an amazing 'Mermaid' to remember?

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Mermaid_Fi Mermaid_Fi

28 yrs, 5'5"/165 cm, Long Red hair, Blue eyes
Professional Model, TV Presenter, Make Up Artist, Underwater Model, Scuba Diver.

A true 'English Rose' with blue eyes and wonderful, long, natural, flaming red hair, Fi loves music and is highly musically talented. Not only does she sing and play the guitar, but she writes and produces her own material also. She loves dancing and clubbing, for which she makes a lot of her own exciting clothes ! She also LOVES to read, sometimes working through 3 novels in a week ! Her talents also continue in the area of languages where she speaks German, Italian and a little Russian too !

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Elle Elle

26 yrs, 5'7"/ 168cm, Long Dark brown hair, Hazel eyes.
Professional Model and Make Up Artist, Former Competitive Swimmer, Synchronised Swimmer and Lifeguard in both the UK and USA.

Naturally a water baby, Elle amazed the Aquawomen camera crew with her outstanding aquatic abilities on her very first shoot with us and is sure to become a firm favourite very quickly. A REAL Aquawoman, Elle loves to travel and has just returned from a snorkeling holiday in Brazil which she describes as 'Amazing' ! One of her dreams is to swim with dolphins ... only properly, doing flips and tricks with them, not just bobbing around! Anyone wanna make her dream come true?

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Larissa Larissa

29 yrs, 5 '1" / 155cm very long blonde hair, green eyes
Professional Model, Underwater Model, Dancer.

Larissa has always loved Mermaids and welcomes any opportunity to become one so, naturally, she is completely at home both in and under the water. Within a few minutes of her first scuba lesson with us, she was removing her mask and clearing it like a professional and immediately became an instant hit with our camera crew. A professional fetish model, Larissa brings another dimension to the Aquawomen team.
Out of the water she loves traveling, Russian art and literature, horse riding and wearing rubber and corsets !

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Sammie Sammie

29 yrs, 5' 5" / 165 cm, very long black hair, blue / grey eyes.
Professional Model, Underwater Model, Keen Snorkeler !

A University Graduate turned professional model, Sammie is living proof that brains and beauty do go hand in hand. Always smiling and ready for a challenge, Sammie became an instant hit with the Aquawomen crew on her very first shoot and is sure to become an immediate favourite with all members. She enjoys shopping, regular work-outs at the gym, shopping, playing badmington , oh and did we say shopping!

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Emma Emma

28 yrs, 5' 7" / 168 cm, Long dark brown hair, Brown Eyes
Former Competitive Swimmer, Underwater Model, Professional Fashion Model.

A former Page 3 girl, (which will be understood by all UK members), Emma combines natural beauty, charm and personality with a fantastic swimming ability. A London girl, Emma is a real pleasure to have on any Aquawomen shoot, totally professional at all times and with a great sense of humour.
Away from work she loves spending as much time as possible on warm tropical beaches, as any mermaid does, of course !

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Lisa Lisa

28 yrs, 5'11" / 180cm, Long blonde hair, Blue Eyes. Synchronised Swimmer, Underwater Model and Professional Dancer

Long blonde hair, legs that go on forever AND she's a synchronised swimmer too! What further qualifications could possibly be needed to become an instant Aquaphiles dream ? Thus, proudly introduces you to Lisa, the latest stunning addition to our Mermaids pool !
Lisa loves travelling and seeing new places, her favourite so far being Vegas - "it's just crazy over there !" She also loves dressing up, the more adventurous and shocking the costume, the better! Especially when featuring her favourite Corsets! (calm down guys, we're already standing by for your image requests ?)
When not 'Wowing' members here, Lisa dances to entertain her own streams of admirers at various Spearmint Rhino Nightclubs throughout the UK and at West Palm Beach, Florida.
To relax she likes to read or play Guitar Hero on her Playstation.

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Louisa Louisa

25 yrs, 5'7"/170 cm, Long Dark Auburn Hair, Brown Eyes, Former Competitive Swimmer, Fully Trained Pool Lifeguard, Underwater Model and Dancer.

Formerly admired at Stringfellow's Nightclub in London, Louisa combines her smouldering good looks with a quiet professional approach in dealing with everything that is asked of her, particularly at her first underwater shoot for ! A natural swimmer, with good breath holding ability, Louisa enjoys snorkeling and scuba whenever she gets the opportunities, something we hope to give her a lot of!

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Shelley Shelley

28 years of age, 5'6"/168cm, Long Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. Underwater Model, Professional Model and Dancer.

Our first Mermaid, Shelley's underwater images captivated early visitors to our initial 'Holding Page' so well that she already acquired an enthusiastic fan club, even prior to the web site launch!
A superb swimmer and totally professional, Shelley is a fun loving, outgoing girl who loves to meet new faces and experience new things. When she originally applied to Aquawomen she said she was sure she would fit in well as she was a total 'Water Baby', full of determination and fun to be around. Always happy to spend hours in the water and try everything you ask her, Shelley is now a firm favourite and no-one in our crew has ever argued with that!

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Camilla Camilla

28yrs, 5'8" / 173cm, Long Auburn Hair, Blue Eyes. Underwater Model, Padi Open Water Diver, Professional Model, TV Presenter.

Stunning looks and extremely professional in attitude, Camilla joined the Aquawomen team during September 2006, pleased as she had "always wanted to be a mermaid". Initially, seeming a very quiet girl, Camilla is full of surprises and even recently played Kate Moss's 'body double' in a recent TV documentary programme about the supermodel's life, shown on Sky TV in the UK. She now regularly presents on that station as well as being a familiar face in several TV commercials. She was recently featured in an article in a UK magazine explaining "Why I think I'm good in bed"! Wonder if that included the 'bath' beforehand? ...Down fellas!

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Elise Elise

27yrs, 5'4"/163cm, Long Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes. Underwater Model, Former Competitive Swimmer, Lifeguard, Padi Open Water Diver, Professional Model, Dancer and Actress.

Totally and completely 'at home' in and under the water, Elise is just a natural 'mermaid' and very highly thought of by the Aquawomen team. Although she wasn't born until way after most of the vintage swimwear and scuba equipment she is often asked to wear was in general use, she always seems able to adapt to it straight away, disappearing back under the surface in the shortest time possible.
Having appeared in TV commercials and music videos, Elise has just finished filming a production of Fanny Hill. Away from work she plays Computer Games at a very advanced level and is to be treated with total respect on the ten pin bowling alley!

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