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Stars and Stripes Bikini - Pt 2 ! Stars and Stripes Bikini - Pt 2 ! Image Gallery

Posted 22nd October 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

It suddenly came to our notice that, during all of the latest Image Galleries we have brought to you this past month, those featuring our gorgeous Mermaid Elise have all seen her covered in diving rubber, of one sort or another. And so, we just had to do something about that tonight ! It's hard to believe it was right in the middle of summer when we brought you the first part of this scenario. Now, with the clocks in various countries about to turn back to winter timings, we thought we just had to bring you memories of the summer once again, to cheer y'all up. And what could possibly cheer y'all up more than seeing our mindblowing Mermaid Elise, back under the water and wearing just her super "Stars and Stripes" bikini - well, almost wearing it anyways ! ;-)

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