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A Thoroughly Modern Frog-Girl ! A Thoroughly Modern Frog-Girl ! Image Gallery

Posted 21st September 2013. 46 High Resolution Images.

A great many of our valued members love the vintage themes that we are able to cover for swimming, snorkeling, scuba and heavy diving. After all, no-one else out there has anywhere near the variation of apparel and equipment that we, at, are able to bring you. Tonight, however, we are delighted to bring you a great big gallery of super underwater pictures featuring a stunning young female diver, fully kitted up in a complete set of modern dive gear. A very sexy, all black, super smooth neoprene hooded wetsuit, a fantastic latest generation US Divers Mistral twin-hose regulator and a sexy Hollis M4 mask . The gorgeous diver bringing you this selection of above and underwater images in a unique style all of her own ? Who else could it be but .......... Mermaid Elise, of course

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