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A Wonderful Pair of Scubalondes ! A Wonderful Pair of Scubalondes ! Image Gallery

Posted 7th September 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

The “buddy system” is considered to be the cornerstone of scuba training. The theory is simple: for greater safety, the diver is taught to stay close to her dive partner at all times during the dive. She also needs to have a way to get her buddy’s attention, and to be able to communicate on a simple level with her while underwater. Buddy divers must also be familiar with their partner’s equipment, and need to be able to check each other to make sure everything is properly secured. In this set, two of’s most gorgeous Mermaids can be seen beautifully “checking each other’s equipment” while they’re submerged! Mermaids Elise and Hayley do very beautifully indeed maintain their positions as the dive buddies in this photoset, and clearly demonstrate for us that they both REALLY do have more than one way to get each other’s attention. And they demonstrate certain underwater skills for you here that definitely are not being taught in any dive courses!
Words kindly provided by Subby - Oh and if you like this set, we have over another 30 or so images to share with you later some time later .

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