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Every Aquaphile Executive Should Have One ! Every Aquaphile Executive Should Have One !Image Gallery

Posted 5th September 2013. 41 High Resolution Images.

GALLERY UPDATED ! Now Forty One Images !
Should Have What ? I hear you ask ? An Underwater Secretary, of course !
But, what if I don't like scuba ? Then, look no further for .... perfection !
Here's a fun set for you ! It's our amazing Mermaid Porchia looking only as Mermaid Porchia can when assuming the perfect secretarial role - underwater ! We so hope you like these as we have many more to show you, if you wish ? In fact, this particular set should be over forty pictures but, we have been experiencing upload difficulties for the past couple of days and so, rather than keep you waiting longer, we have released the 28 that we already have in the gallery today, with another 13 to come tomorrow. White blouse, black skirt, spectacles, fish net stockings and ................... suspenders !

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