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That 'Riviera' Touch ! That 'Riviera' Touch !Image Gallery

Posted 29th August 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

Staying with the retro theme for a while but this time moving into the kind of gear an adventurous female snorkeler would wear, back in the good ol' 1950's / 60's. Bearing similarities to a beautiful young Hayley Mills, we bring you our even more beautiful young Mermaid Porchia daring to try a very rare, very early, white twin snorkel mask, made by a company called 'Riviera', along with one of her own gorgeous, cheeky little 1960's style bikinis ! I'm willing to bet our dear friend 'subby' has knowledge of these 'difficult to seal' masks and the problem you could have when diving too deep, causing the ping pong ball to jam into your breathing tubes ! Perhaps that's why they gave you two of them :-) Yes, we know that for true authenticity she would probably also be wearing a bathing cap but, if y'all would like us to ..... we'll do that next time. ;-)
Something delightfully 'old' and yet 'delightfully new' once more, from

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