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In Her Little Black Swim Dress !  Pt. 1 In Her Little Black Swim Dress ! Pt. 1 Image Gallery

Posted 25th August 2013. 34 High Resolution Images.

The pendulum swings back for our non-scuba enthusiasts, particularly those of you who love that little bit of aquatic nostalgia from those times gone by that we, more than anyone else, can often take you back to. Imagine, if you would, that it's 1959, a warm summer's day and you're at the pool - better still, in the pool ! A sensational girl walks up to the springboard, wearing a black swimsuit dress and tucking her long blonde hair securely up into her white bathing cap. In a beautiful moment she springs into the air and then so gracefully dives into the water, disappearing below the surface with hardly a splash. What would you give for a modern pair of goggles that would let you watch her every move below the surface ? No problem - just sit back and enjoy, courtesy of and the 'sensational' Mermaid Elise, of course !

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