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Hayley Dives the New Camaro Neoprene Shortie ! Hayley Dives the New Camaro Neoprene Shortie !Image Gallery

Posted 21st August 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

It's always nice to show off new outfits to y'all and, I think it fair to say that no-one else out there comes anywhere near close to our 'amazing' wardrobe and collection of dive gear ? Along with Cressi, we feel that Camaro always come up with lovely, sexy, neoprene creations for we girls and so, tonight, we're really pleased to bring you a beautiful gallery of underwater images featuring our most alluring Mermaid Hayley, stunningly attired in the latest Camaro smooth 'soft touch' black neoprene shortie swimsuit. She's also wearing some 'quirky' modern swimfins, otherwise it seems to go so well with a vintage oval dive mask and single hose reg., don't you think ?

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