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Posted 14th August 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

"Because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties - You want me in that pool, You need me in that pool " ;-) I LOVE that movie, don't you ? Just couldn't resist using that title ;-) Anyways, enough of this frivolity, tonight were so pleased to bring a beautiful collection of new and unique underwater pictures especially to those admirers of the female form wearing a vintage one-piece swimsuit, (that is the female wearing the vintage one-piece swimsuit as opposed to the admirer, of course). This time, however, her beautiful, long, golden and purple hair has been allowed to flow freely in the water without being encapsulated in her bathing cap. The young Aquawoman, of course, is our own sub aquatic 'dream girl' Mermaid Elise - we do hope you enjoy.

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