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Scuba Perfection !  Pt.1 Scuba Perfection ! Pt.1Image Gallery

Posted 9th August 2013. 31 High Resolution Images.

Of all the swimsuits we have, this one certainly has to be one of my special favorites. It's a 'Cole of California' classic, sold new some 35 years or so before this jaw droppingly beautiful young Aquawoman was born, but that didn't stop her falling in love with it also ! But, enough talk of swimsuits, Scubaphiles are you in for a treat tonight, especially those of you who love more of a classic 'retro' look !!!!!!! Keeping with that wonderful old 1950's theme, we asked our stunningly beautiful Mermaid Porchia to try out a twin hose reg. OK, so it's a state of the art new Mistral but, a girl can cheat a little, now and then, can't she ? To complete her underwater ensemble, she chose a cute little Voit oval dive mask, circa 1960's.
The result ? Would we be exaggerating if we said ..... possibly 'scuba perfection' ?

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