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Mermaid Hayley in a White One-Piece Swimsuit ! Mermaid Hayley in a White One-Piece Swimsuit !Image Gallery

Posted 4th August 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

So sorry about the recent loss of our website for few hours recently, our normally reliable Hosts experienced some major problems but have assured us that all is completely fixed now. Which is certainly welcome news to all of our Mermaid Hayley fans ! Removing her matching bathing cap to allow all of her long natural blonde hair to flow free, this totally stunning young model always oozes class in every one of her poses, so well in fact that it is often easy to forget that she is completely underwater ! The only accessory in this set is a white classic one piece swimsuit circa 1960's, and even that she seems to have difficulty in believing she needs, from time to time, throughout this set !

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