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Your Own Real, Living Jantzen 'Diving Girl' Logo ! Your Own Real, Living Jantzen 'Diving Girl' Logo ! Video

Posted 31st July 2013.

Gosh, we sure seem to be working our tantalisingly gorgeous Mermaid Elise quite a lot lately, huh ? But we're sure that no-one's really looking to complain ? Especially all of those who love non scuba scenarios ? Even more especially, those who love 'vintage swimming' non scuba scenarios - yes that does mean you Tt ! ;-) Have you ever wondered what that wonderful little Jantzen Red Diving Girl logo would be like, if she was ever brought to life ? Well, we kinda did it in still pictures back in 2011 but now, in beautiful, living, moving color - please sit back and enjoy our sensational and totally pure young Aquawoman swim and dive to perform - just for you ! ( this time, we thought it fun to leave her cute, natural little 'nose pinches' in too ! ;-)
425 MB - MP4_1280p HD

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