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Long Johns' Sunken Treasure ! Long Johns' Sunken Treasure !Image Gallery

Posted 27th July 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

Always trying to bring you new equipment to feature is an expensive business, as we're sure you appreciate and so it is especially nice when we see such fantastic results of one such new 'investment', or should I say only half of it, looking so good on our Electrifying Mermaid Elise ! For your pleasure we have just purchased a wonderful, brand new, smooth, black, neoprene free diving wetsuit that looks Oh So Sexy when worn ! It seemed so silly to rush straight into wearing it all at once and so we let this stunning young Aquawoman slip into just the 'Long Johns' for the first picture set and the results were so good we had for too many for just one Gallery, once again ! And so, tonight, we offer you Pt 1 for your perusal - and pleasure !
Just as an aside, I looked up "electrifying" in the Thesaurus earlier and some of the results did make me smile, see what you think - excite, thrill, stimulate, arouse, rouse, inspire, stir (up), exhilarate, intoxicate - Would y'all agree ?

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