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Best Scuba Diving Buddies ! Best Scuba Diving Buddies !Video

Posted 20th July 2013.

Here's a lovely little video clip for y'all, showing simply two beautiful young Aquawomen wearing their own bikinis, a mixture of modern and semi-vintage dive gear and having a little 'fun' under the water. It's our two 'drop dead gorgeous' blonde Mermaids Elise and Hayley, submerged together once again for you, this time being a might more friendly to one another than their time before. ;-) Sorry for the 'squeak' on that pink Dacor second stage reg, we will have to get around to fixing that, I don't think it will detract too much from the wonderful, colorful underwater imagery taking place in front of you though ? Please have fun - they sure did ;-) !
378 MB - MP4_720p HD

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