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Submerged in Sexy Smooth Black Neoprene ! Pt.1 Submerged in Sexy Smooth Black Neoprene ! Pt.1Image Gallery

Posted 18th July 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

You likey Dive Girls wearing smooth black neoprene ? Well, here is something a little different perhaps, but we think - very sexy !! We finally managed to find a plain smooth black neoprene hood that fits a beautiful female head so well and offers a face seal for a mask and to model it for you tonight it is non other than our Heavenly Mermaid Hayley (thanks Tt ;-) She is also wearing what I personally think is the sexiest neoprene swimsuit we have ( cos it's actually mine of course ;-) and so similar to the design and cut of a Speedo S2000 ! It seemed a shame to load her up with scuba tanks as well and so we just gave her a reg on a long hose, a weight belt and - there you have it ! What do you think ? Have we done it again subby ?
I sure hope so, 'cos we have enough left over for a Pt 2 !

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