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A Good Old Dunkin' - 50's Style ! A Good Old Dunkin' - 50's Style !Image Gallery

Posted 13th July 2013. 44 High Resolution Images.

It's hard to believe that two of our most amazing young Aquawomen, who are great friends and who live only a stone's throw away from each other, have never previously appeared together here on ! When we realised this we felt it was something we certainly had to put right straight away and so, we were delighted when their diaries permitted them to come together, for an underwater shoot, just a few days ago ! And WOW, did the water boil !! Tonight's scenario has been done before but we know that y'all seem to love it - as do the girls ! And so, please sit back and enjoy a super great big gallery of new, unique, underwater images, as our 'drop dead gorgeous' Mermaids Elise and Hayley do battle, in vintage swimsuits and bathing caps, as only we can capture !!!!

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