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A Day at the Office - Underwater !  Pt. 1 A Day at the Office - Underwater ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 6th July 2013. 34 High Resolution Images.

Here's something a little different that we were recently asked for - and we're always happy to bring member's underwater dreams to life, if ever we can. It's a scuba scenario featuring our 'So Sophisticated Scuba Siren' Hayley, but instead of wearing any form of swimsuit or dive suit, she is wearing an every day white blouse and a short, tight black skirt ! Kinda like "The Deep" meets '9 to 5' ? ;-) We know lots of you like 'clothed scuba' and it's something we haven't done for a while. We think the result looks pretty good and we're really hoping that some of you do too ? What do you think Paul ?

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