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Frogwoman in Black ! Frogwoman in Black !Video

Posted 30th May 2013.

Ol' subby has been a bit quiet of late huh ? Let's see if we can 'stimulate' a little interest from him then ;-) How many other sites do you know of that can bring you crystal clear imagery of beautiful women, wearing heavy duty diving suits and hoods and having fun underwater ! ? Not too many, huh ? And, in fact, there are NO others that can do all of the above AND combine it with the pure underwater legend that is .............. Mermaid Elise !
One for the heavy diving fans and certainly one for the Mermaid Elise fans ! ( Oh alright then, one for the Dunlop and Pirelli fans too ! ;-)
Just look out for that effortless '40 seconds plus' slow exhale of bubbles into the water !!
427 MB - MP4_1280 HD

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