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Posted 19th May 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

Just in time for the big Chelsea Flower Show in London and hoping that keeping with yellow makes y'all nice and mellow AND knowing that y'all also know of my love for Jantzen vintage one-piece swimsuits, we thought we would take this opportunity to feature something we haven't done in the past, but that we have had numerous recent requests for ? Namely, the vintage flowery swimcap ! We've done petals and lots and lots of chin strapped but, never a flowery one and so ............. who better to model this for you underwater, proving that she is also the Mermaid Queen of 'Flower Power', than our simply radiant Mermaid Elise - in full bloom ! Once again, this is only half of the pictures that made our final selection and so, for all those of you who have waited patiently, there's more to come !
Is this an item that you would like us to add more of to our wardrobe ?

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