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Mermaid Hayley's Journey into 'The Deep' ! Mermaid Hayley's Journey into 'The Deep' !Video

Posted 10th May 2013.

Yep, it's been done many times. In fact, we ourselves have done it many times but, let's face it, the theme is pretty well timeless, isn't it ? And each Mermaid we feature this way kinda brings something a little different along each time, don't you think ? This time it's our Drop Dead Gorgeous Mermaid Hayley once more bringing you a beautiful moving picture version of her journey into 'The Deep'. Six and a half minutes of scubaliscious HD video 'fun', courtesy of !
Hey, I just thought of something, next time shall we do it with a white T-Shirt and a white bathing cap - subby/bc ? ;-)
395 MB - MP4_1280 HD

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