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Posted 27th April 2013. 33 High Resolution Images.

OK, let's move from one underwater rubber suit to another, this time perhaps a little more feminine ? ;-) We certainly have to thank Ttime for not losing such a wonderful set of pictures into the Aquawomen archives because, being perfectly honest, we forgot them ! And what a terrible loss it would have been ! Has there been a sexier Aquaphile swimsuit in the past 5 years ? And we were lucky enough to acquire two of them, in our other lives, right from the time they were launched, once again bringing them to you, worn by such beautiful girls underwater, before anyone else ! Settle down Mermaid Fi fans, this one is for you - it's our own mind-blowing flame haired Siren, wearing a neoprene rubber Cressi Fire swimsuit in a sensational style entirely of her own !

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