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A Beautiful Young Frogwoman wearing an Avon Red Rubber Drysuit !  Pt 1 A Beautiful Young Frogwoman wearing an Avon Red Rubber Drysuit ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 24th April 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

Tonight is especially for all of our heavy rubber diving fans, who particularly love to see their Aquawomen dressed in full rubber drysuits and hoods and then, exactly where they should be whilst dressed in such a style - underwater ! Although now classed as vintage, black Avon rubber drysuits are not really that rare, indeed as you know we have a few of them. However, Red Avon suits, as often used by Police Forces many years ago, are indeed rare and quite hard to find - but nowhere near as unique and hard to find as our totally stunning Mermaid Elise, our most senior Dive Mistress and so totally 'at home' underwater in whatever she is asked to wear ! We set out to bring you this beautiful young Aquawoman, wearing this suit and hood along with a Drager FFM set, but sadly we ran out of air in that rig and so we then decided to put no heavy bottles on her at all and just let her dive and play, with a second stage on a long hose. Lovers of REAL Frogwomen - please enjoy. There's more to come if you want it ? .
don't you dare mention Michelin, Tt !

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