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It's ScuBanana Time ! It's ScuBanana Time !Image Gallery

Posted 5th April 2013. 30 High Resolution Images.

Now, as we all know, scuba diving can become very demanding and a girl needs to be in good health to be able to fully enjoy this wonderful pastime. And so, it's not at all surprising then that our gorgeous Mermaid Hayley not only brought along a delicious snack, high in potassium, to keep her energy levels up on a recent training session with our scintillatingly sexy Mermaid Kiki, but that she also saw fit to share it with her too ! Underwater, of course !! Lots and lots of topless 'Scubaliscious Fun ' featuring two of our amazing young Aquawomen .......... and a couple of bananas ! Day-O, Day-O ?
Can't wait for what's coming from y'all on this one ;-)

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