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Happy Easter Y'all!  -  It's 'Wabbit' Season ! Happy Easter Y'all! - It's 'Wabbit' Season !Image Gallery

Posted 30th March 2013. 44 High Resolution Images.

Happy Easter Everyone - Er....... Tch Tch Tch Tch What's Up Doc !
OK, OK, OK you three, just settle down, I thought when I looked through these pictures, I was probably asking for trouble - now you just behave yourselves ! I mean, what's a gorgeous Easter Bunny to do, when she feels a little peckish under the water ? This particular Easter Bunny being our so, so sexy Mermaid Kiki, of course, looking absolutely 'Devine' once again, ( I got it previously subby, the others will catch up soon;-) and offering far more than an underwater Playboy centrefold is ever likely to. A wonderful Bumper size gallery containing FORTY FOUR beautiful unique underwater images once again, of a stunning young Mermaid 'wabbit' just having fun.
"I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque"

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