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Mermaid Hayley in a Speedo LZR and a Speedmask ! Mermaid Hayley in a Speedo LZR and a Speedmask !Image Gallery

Posted 26th March 2013. 30 High Resolution Images.

As many of you know, we always try to offer something different to what you will find on other underwater websites and I think y'all will agree that certainly applies tonight ! We know many of you love seeing our Mermaids in high tech competition swimwear and so that is just the theme that our heavenly Mermaid Hayley is bringing to you in this set. Certainly one of the sexiest racing swimsuits of the last ten years and so fast that sadly FINA saw fit to ban them a couple of years ago, but not from this pool Sweetie ! Made of shiny neoprene panels and so tight it is almost painted on, just for fun we added another piece of Speedo racing swimwear that really is quite unusual and now, very rare. They called it the Speedmask, it's a silicone swim cap with built in goggles. Not a best seller and so it didn't last long but, of course, we have a couple ! I've worn one and it's actually quite cool. Some will love it and some will hate it, no doubt - I wonder what the swim cap lovers will think ? Either way, I'm willing to bet you won't see one pictured underwater on such a beautiful female swimmer anywhere else ! ;-)

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