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'Kiki Orca' in Scuba ! 'Kiki Orca' in Scuba !Image Gallery

Posted 9th March 2013. 34 High Resolution Images.

She's really made quite an early impact with many of our Members and so now, for all of those who have been crying out to see her scuba diving, we're proud to bring you a super Gallery featuring our delightfully intoxicating Mermaid Kiki, doing exactly that ! ( are you still there Smurfy ? ) At the end of a long session, spent mainly underwater, even the hardiest of our Aquawomen can start to feel just a little cold in the warm waters of the Aquawomen pool. And so, to keep lovely and warm, Kiki chose a super, slinky, black and white full wetsuit which seemed to hug her curves quite beautifully. The rest of her dive gear is a mixture of vintage and new which we hope y'all will find meets your approval ? Well OK, perhaps not Ttime ;-) ?

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