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A Simply Amazing Ocean Reef  DiveGirl ! A Simply Amazing Ocean Reef DiveGirl !Image Gallery

Posted 9th February 2013. 36 High Resolution Images.

Our Gallery category, that this amazing set of pictures automatically falls into, is called 'Scuba Fantasies' - need I say any more ? A super ultra modern, high tech, Ocean Reef Raptor 'All Black' full face mask, worn by a beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, simply stunning young Aquawoman, along with very little else, should make this Gallery an underwater Treasure Trove for scubaphiles the world over ? And most certainly the growing band of fans of our heavenly Mermaid Porchia. (I'm kinda thinking I might already know of one of them - whadayasay Subby ?)
Do you think we ought to send Image 28 to Ocean Reef ?
ps. Valentine's is a comin' Tt ;-)

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