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A Thoroughly Modern Girl Dives Vintage Scuba ! A Thoroughly Modern Girl Dives Vintage Scuba !Video

Posted 30th January 2013.

This was a video clip that the water nymphs did their best to ruin but, they hadn't counted on the true professionalism of our Divine Diving Diva - Mermaid Porchia. ! First, we lost the twin hose regulator, that Porchia was trying to use on the accompanying stills set, to mechanical failure. Was she daunted ? Not a bit of it ! Next, we lost the underwater HMI modelling light, that is so important when trying to light up a beautiful face inside of an old fashioned scuba mask (you can see that go at around 45 seconds in) Try as we may we couldn't get that operational again and so we carried on, after asking Porchia to look up to the surface lighting as much as possible, so that y'all can see that gorgeous face. We think she did so well - please see if you agree !
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