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Smoothskin Beavertail +  Oval Mask Close Ups ! Smoothskin Beavertail + Oval Mask Close Ups !Image Gallery

Posted 26th January 2013. 32 High Resolution Images.

Now here's one that may well appeal to a fair cross section of our Scuba fans ? We have a vintage smooth skin Ladies beavertail wetsuit jacket, a black rubber oval dive mask, a nice snug fitting neoprene hood and a small US Divers single hose reg., all being worn for y'all by one of the best Underwater Scuba glamor models in the world ! Yep, that's certainly how highly we rate our truly Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise - in fact we think that this wonderful new word was tailor made for her ! To spice up the excitement for many of you, this stunning young Aquawoman slowly floods her mask, before removing it completely, posing for a while and then replacing it and clearing it whilst under the water. All shot whilst nice and close to her. Sound like your kind of fun Subby ? Please enjoy !

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