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Scuba 'Buddies' Hayley and Porchia ! Scuba 'Buddies' Hayley and Porchia !Image Gallery

Posted 22nd January 2013. 30 High Resolution Images.

Best of friends out of the water and the 'very best' of friends in and under the water ! Here's a lovely set of pictures for all of our 'Scuba Girl' fans ! Featuring our Scubaliscious Mermaids Hayley and Porchia, this one was shot back last September when, you may remember, Porchia was reintroduced to scuba after a gap of many years. If she looks a little nervous in this one, y'all know just how quickly she picked it all back up and just how amazing she is in her latest scuba sets now. It kinda seemed a shame not to let you see these pics, that we almost forgot ! Talking about forgetting things - I originally forgot the title too - didn't I ? doh

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