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It's Our 6th Birthday ! It's Our 6th Birthday !Image Gallery

Posted 18th January 2013. 34 High Resolution Images.

It's our party and we'll Swim if we want to,
Dive if we want to, Blow bubbles if we want to,
You can come too, with what we're offering you.
Dah Dah DaDa Dah ! ;-)
(with apologies to Lesly Gore )

Yep, it really is our 6th Birthday and I can hardly believe it ! At midnight on the 17th Jan we launched Aquawomen with just 12 Galleries and 1 video - and thanks to all of you, just look at us now ! You know, I still smile when I remember someone on Aquafans telling people not to take us seriously as I was probably just some girl who had found a CD with some underwater images on ;-) - Yeah right !
Well, tonight we have the totally beautiful girl who launched our very first Gallery - Mermaid Elise, along with another long term favorite - the stunning Mermaid Fi, who joined us later that year. The other two who helped us launch were Mermaid Camilla, who is now very much starring in UK Adult TV and Mermaid Shelley who sadly retired from modeling a long time ago.
Tonight, we have something for both scuba and non scuba fans - first of all, the girls show off their party dresses, underwater of course ! And then, there is a little preview of a set that we shot both stills and video of, showing scuba instruction - underwater !
Have Fun, We Love You and Thanks So Much Y'all !

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