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HAPPY NEW YEAR !   Pt 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 31st December 2012. 28 High Resolution Images.

Happy New Year Everyone !
It's not normally for me to say that one of our Galleries is especially good - but tonight has to be an exception because all of us here quite honestly believe that this one certainly is Very Pretty ! And also quite "hot" ? (But I'm sure y'all will let me know ;-)
The theme is New Years Eve party time, featuring not one, but two of your all time favourite Mermaids - and they're looking to 'boogey on down' wearing their own party clothes underwater, just for you !
You know how it is, you have a few drinks, it's the end of the year, you relax a little, get a little sentimental ........ and then affectionate ...........and then ??????? Let's face it, why should Mermaids be any different, except they do it underwater, of course !
Two absolutely stunning young Aquawomen, Mermaids Elise and Fi, as you have never really seen them together before. Oh, and we included a couple of special pictures, Images 15 and 16, just so that you could join in and get a feel for perhaps what it might be like to be the recipient ? ( Oh-Oh, what have I said now ! ;-)
Once more we have far too many super images to waste, so there is a Pt 2 if you would like to see it ?

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