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Red Jantzen Aquawowman ! Red Jantzen Aquawowman !Image Gallery

Posted 19th December 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

Here's a little something that we have been requested for quite often. Some will love it and I'm sure some won't, but Hey ! We've kinda gotten used to that over the years. Hands up all of those who love our 'Finominal 'Mermaid Fi ? Hands up all of those who love our 'Electrifying' Mermaid Elise ? Hands up those who love them both ??? Well, guess what ? I'm thinking there are some things coming along soon that many of you will love because ........... we've recently managed to get them both with us on a shoot - together !!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, tonight we bring you a simply beautiful Gallery of a simply beautiful young Aquawoman, simply laying in the water for your enjoyment. The only addition is a fabulous red Jantzen 'vintage collection' one piece bathing suit. Please enjoy !

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