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Speckled Dots Before Your Eyes - underwater ! Speckled Dots Before Your Eyes - underwater !Image Gallery

Posted 15th December 2012. 34 High Resolution Images.

Bringing to a conclusion this past month's theme of showing you many of our stunning young Aquawomen scuba diving whilst wearing their own bikinis, tonight it's the turn of our exquisite Mermaid Hayley to thrill y'all. I say "wearing" her own bikini , in a loose and general kind of way, of course, because very rarely do our beautiful Mermaids actually keep their bikinis or swimsuits on for the whole shoot ! And it's not like our crew to insist that they do either, of course ;-). As you can see from our 'Intro' picture, nothing has changed tonight ! And so, 'loosely' wearing her own 'speckled' bikini, a vintage single hose reg. and a modern mask, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome once again, our breathtaking Mermaid Hayley !

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