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Scuba Diving in a Flowery Bikini Pt 2 ! Scuba Diving in a Flowery Bikini Pt 2 !Image Gallery

Posted 9th December 2012. 35 High Resolution Images.

It's a great time, just now, for our Scuba Bikini enthusiasts but we also wanted to say sorry to our non-scuba fans for seemingly neglecting you recently, please rest assured this is not intentional and is something we will be correcting again very soon, I promise ! Meanwhile, I'm a hoping that even you guys might well like many of the wonderful pictures in tonight's set, perhaps even Ttime ;-) ??? Please take a look at Pt 2 of this amazing set of underwater pictures and ask yourself, who else but our sensational Aquawoman - Mermaid Elise, could ever possibly perform underwater for you, like this ?

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