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Posted 27th November 2012. 34 High Resolution Images.

There are many of you who love to see our beautiful young Aquawomen dressed in all forms of diving gear, both heavy and scuba - and we try our best to bring you as diverse a selection of this specialized equipment and imagery as possible Then, there are those of you who love nothing more than to see a beautiful girl under the water and wearing a one piece bathing suit. So, tonight, especially for you guys, that is exactly what we are bringing you only, better than that, we are bringing you TWO stunningly beautiful girls wearing simply modern, high cut, one piece swimsuits and goggles. The occasion was during Mermaid Porchia's first underwater shoot with us and Mermaid Hayley was showing her 'the ropes' . No-one could never say she was a slow learner ! If you like what you see then, waiting in the wings we have several pictures of the two of them together.

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