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Vintage FFM Diver? - It has to be Elise ! Vintage FFM Diver? - It has to be Elise !Video

Posted 24th November 2012.

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When shooting underwater video clips like this I am always reminded why you always see illumination inside the mask, above the eyes, when divers wear suitable full face masks on Documentary or Feature programs - it is so damned difficult to try and keep detail on a face otherwise. And when that face is as beautiful as Elise's then we can fully understand why you should want to see it all of the time ! Nevertheless, we feel that there are certainly another couple of prominent points that you might enjoy seeing in this clip, along with everything else that comes with this truly sensational total Aquawoman, of course ! A vintage FFM, a vintage bathing cap, a vintage swimsuit and anything but a vintage Mermaid - enjoy !
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