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Look, No Hans ! Look, No Hans !Image Gallery

Posted 17th November 2012. 37 High Resolution Images.

Amongst our extensive collection of 'research material', ( well that's what I'm told it is ;-) we have many pictures and video of a simply beautiful woman and one of the earliest pioneering female scuba divers , who I am sure many of you are aware of, namely Lotte Hass. When post producing this set of pictures, we couldn't help but notice a similarity between her, as she appeared in many of her husband's underwater films during the late 1940's and early 1950's, and our own simply beautiful female scuba diver - Mermaid Hayley. And so, sticking with a vintage theme and in tribute to the gorgeous Frau Hass, we offer this collection of images for your perusal tonight. Lit in a slightly softer and moodier way, we also desaturated a couple of them to give them a true vintage feel. The mask is by Voit, the wonderful swimsuit by Catalina, the twin hose reg is by Dacor - Oh and a few of the pictures may show how many of you might have loved to have seen her, at the time ? ;-)

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