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Posted 10th October 2012. 38 High Resolution Images.

Here's one the others haven't tried to copy yet ! ;-)
It's been a while since we had this fun but, with fresh thoughts in many people's minds from the recent Olympics, we thought we would show you, once again, just what those Water Polo girls get up to beneath the surface of the water ! The Aquawomen are two of our gorgeous blonde bombshells - Mermaid Hayley and Mermaid Porchia ! Both wearing authentic, rubber TYR 'Predator' water polo suits and caps - all we did was ask them to be 'competitive' when fighting for the ball !! And these girls are normally the best of friends ! !!!! You like Fighting Females under the water ?? Then, this one's for you. But, thank goodness, they both made up once more, at the end !

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