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Mermaid Porchia in Smooth, Black Neoprene ! Mermaid Porchia in Smooth, Black Neoprene !Video

Posted 8th October 2012.

Here's something a little special for all of our scuba fans, especially those who have recently become our latest Mermaid Porchia's fans too ! Guess what ? When we recently looked closer at our super red shortie wetsuit jacket, featured in Holly's latest gallery, we discovered that, if we turned it inside out, we had a fantastic black smooth neoprene shortie wetsuit jacket too ! A little difficult to fasten the beavertail I'm afraid, but we felt sure you would forgive us that ? A little small for our delectable Mermaid Porchia too, I'm afraid, but we're certain you will forgive us that !! ;-0
Apparently, the last time this amazing young girl scuba dived, she was 11 years old ! Just take a look at her now !
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