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Mermaid Fi's latest 1 Pc. swimsuit, in Scuba !  - Pt 1 Mermaid Fi's latest 1 Pc. swimsuit, in Scuba ! - Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 29th September 2012. 33 High Resolution Images.

OK Scubaphiles, it's your turn tonight, as I'm sure you know ;-) And I'm a-thinking that there's certainly a few of you who are going to like this one ? Testimony, once more, to the natural skill of such a wonderful model that we had well over 90 super pictures that were all perfectly fine enough to display. Even with a fairly ruthless re-selection process we're still left with 65 and so, there's a Pt 2 in waiting, if y'all think you might like to see it ? The Aquawoman of course is our Scintillatingly Sensational Scubaliscious Mermaid Fi, wearing one of her own newest one piece swimsuits, which she knows that many of you like to see. A modern pink dive mask, a single hose reg with a particularly small 2nd Stage and the rest is down to the unique, pure underwater magic tht this gorgeous girl always seems, so easily, to create.

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