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Introducing Mermaid Porchia ! Introducing Mermaid Porchia !Image Gallery

Posted 25th September 2012. 42 High Resolution Images.

OK Guys, Hold on to your hard drives. In fact, hold on to everything - steady ! ;-)
The bar has always been set high to be able to model for Aquawomen and 'my oh my' how this continues tonight, as we introduce you to a totally 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' new Siren ! No quips about thoroughbred German cars please, nor Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, this stunning young girl portrays a form of Sub-Aquatic Perfection entirely of her own ! Come inside and feast your eyes on these 42 amazing unique underwater pictures and be as amazed as us that this was this beautiful girl's first ever set on her first ever underwater shoot ! May we proudly introduce you to Mermaid Porchia !!
International Aquaphilia Society Warning - Those with a weak heart or high blood pressure please look away - the viewing of these pictures could seriously affect your Health !

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