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Mermaid Holly features Classic Cressi ! Mermaid Holly features Classic Cressi ! Video

Posted 22nd September 2012.

Many of you always seem to love seeing our old vintage Cressi Full Face Snorkel masks and they always go down really well with our Mermaids too, as they are soooo comfortable and such fun to wear. I've lost count of the number of times we have been asked to sell them ! It's such a shame that they went out of fashion around 50 years ago ! Maybe if we all write to Cressi, they might bring them back! ! After all, they did with their classic old Pinocchio mask ? Anyways, here's a nice little video clip for y'all, featuring our latest exquisite young Aquawoman - the enchanting Mermaid Holly ! Her beautiful facial features framed perfectly for you, under the water, by this wonderful piece of vintage snorkelling memorabilia ! It's a big one, offering you fantastic quality - Oh No, what have I just said now !!!
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