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Mermaid Holly's First Underwater Shoot ! ! Mermaid Holly's First Underwater Shoot ! !Image Gallery

Posted 11th September 2012. 34 High Resolution Images.

It's always so good to welcome and introduce a beautiful new young Aquawoman to y'all. What's more, you'll be pleased to know that there should be more new faces appearing over the coming weeks too (and not just faces, of course ! ;-). Guys and Gals please bid a big warm "Hello" to the latest 'drop dead gorgeous' addition to our shoal - Mermaid Holly ! As we often do on a new Mermaid's very first time, we asked her to bring along some of her own swimwear and to just take her time initially, getting used to the water, swimming, submerging and just having fun. She selected a fabulous bikini and dove straight on in ! In no time at all she was ready and so we and the cameras jumped into the water with her - and her very first underwater photo-shoot got underway ! The results ? - Well, take a look for yourself and see what you think ? So, whether you're Sleepless in Seattle or just Sorry in Slinger, this set should really appeal to you. ? :-( ( And yes guys, we captured her on scuba for y'all too ! )

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