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Dr Hayley Goodhead  !  Pt 2 Dr Hayley Goodhead ! Pt 2Image Gallery

Posted 4th September 2012. 32 High Resolution Images.

Hello All,
Due to some unexpected and prolonged sickness in the team we have missed two scheduled underwater shoots recently, which is why we have been relying on Mermaids Fi, Elise and Hayley to help carry us through. Fortunately, we're over this now and will be shooting again very soon and looking to bring you some nice surprises along the way ! ;-) Your kind comments suggest that you haven't been too disappointed recently and so let's hope this continues with a simply stunning Part 2 Gallery for all of our scuba enthusiasts, especially those Mermaid Hayley fans also, with our Scubaliscious 'Bond Girl' take off of Dr Holly Goodhead !

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