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Adidas Swim Training ! Adidas Swim Training !Image Gallery

Posted 22nd August 2012. 30 High Resolution Images.

Here's something a little different, this time featuring another outfit that I don't think we have used before ? It is Adidas's original racing body suit, introduced in 1998, a high tech racing suit that Speedo answered, calling theirs the 'Sharkskin'. Skin tight, nice and colourful the Adidas suit was a great success right through to and including the Sydney Olympics in 2000 ! Tonight, we added a Finis front mounted, training snorkel plus an Aquasphere mask and training fins and ....there you have it ! Ooooops, not quite ! How could we possibly overlook the stunning Blonde Bombshell modelling it for you so effectively, our delectable Mermaid Hayley !

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