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“Fi-nominally Topless In Scuba “Fi-nominally Topless In Scuba" ! ;-)Image Gallery

Posted 18th August 2012. 36 High Resolution Images.

And so, the pendulum swings back towards our scuba fans once again and Boy Oh Boy, do we have a Red Hot Scubaliscious set of pictures for you tonight ! The equipment is a mixture of vintage and modern, the Aquawoman however - is quite unique ! If you like your Scuba Girls to be beautiful and so 'at home' under the water, then look no further than this wonderful set of images. We thought it might be nice to let our dear and valued friend Subby give a name to this set of pictures ? He is always one of the first to view and comment on our Scuba Galleries and Videos and his knowledge of Scuba is exceptional and so, over to you Subby - what would you like to call it ?

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