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Vintage Black and White Swim - in Color ! Vintage Black and White Swim - in Color !Video

Posted 11th August 2012.

Here's a super video especially for all of our non scuba fans, particularly those who love vintage swimwear ! It's our heavenly Mermaid Fi, swimming back in time for you once more, this time wearing a wonderful black Catalina one piece swimsuit that looks just as resplendent today as it would have done over 5O years ago ! Her white, chin strapped rubber bathing cap is particularly rare, as we have been informed by one of our expert members, in fact he tells us he hasn't seen one of these, apart from here, for also, over 50 years. It is called a Suba-Seal Sea Otter. Also featured, for the first time, is a quirky pair of vintage, white rubber swimming goggles also from that same 1950's period. But, don't worry, she takes them off, underwater, at around half way through !
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