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Soviet Synchro Training  Pt.3 ! Soviet Synchro Training Pt.3 !Image Gallery

Posted 8th August 2012. 34 High Resolution Images.

Hey, guess who was actually at the Olympic Duet Finals yesterday then - Huh ?
WOW wasn't it amazing ! Those Russian Girls really are something special - which is rather fitting really for our little 'synchro spoof' tonight in bringing you Pt 3 of our Soviet Synchro Training Trilogy ! Perhaps nothing like as technically capable in her "Figures' as her 'comrades', our Syncopating Mermaid Fi certainly excels in her underwater composition and posing ability, See what your think ? ( Oh, er - members only, of course )
I won't mention that little ol' UK beat the USA of course - oops, I just did ;-)
But then, being a dual National nowadays, I couldn't really lose, could I ?
C'est Magni FI que Eh ?

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